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What is GFRG construction?

GFRG India Construction was Established in 2016 with great pride and aims providing quality  on time projects. With a Good 5 years  we expanded GFRG Construction as GFRG LLP in 2021. 5 Years of Trust, Quality and Strength.

GFRG is an abbreviation for Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum ( also called Rapid wall Panel). GFRG Types of constructions is being used in many countries. GFRG Construction Technology came into existence way back in the 1990s from Australia and later on was introduced in India in the 2010s. GFRG construction panels are used in Kumbakonam mainly because they an energy-efficient green building materials with huge potential for use as load-bearing and non-load-bearing wall panels. GFRG wall is a large load-bearing panel with modular cavities suitable for both external and internal walls. It can also be used as an intermediary floor slab/roof slab in combination with RCC as a composite material. Since the advent of innovative GFRG (Rapid wall) panel has been used for buildings ranging from single story to medium -high rise buildings. Light-weighted GFRG (Rapid wall) has high compression strength, shearing strength, flexural strength, and ductility. GFRG (Rapid wall) has a very high level of resistance to fire, heat, water, termites, rot, and corrosion. Concrete infill with vertical reinforcement rods enhances GFRG (Rapid wall) vertical and lateral load capabilities. GFRG (Rapid wall) buildings are resistant to earthquakes, cyclones, and fire.

Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Load Bearing (GFRG) Panels can be used for building premium houses, luxurious villas, industrial factories, multi-storied apartments, commercial complexes, and much more at very much affordable prices In today’s fast track life keeping in mind the Safety, Security and the Environmental Protection initiatives in mind. As you may know, people from India generally plan very well compared to others abroad when it comes to the construction of their dream homes in India. More important is the cost factor that remains in their focus from the start till the end of their construction project. Hence, there is a huge growing requirement of building materials, due to the existing housing shortage mainly from the low-income groups in urban areas across the country. . To meet this challenge, India requires innovative, energy-efficient building materials for strong and durable housing in fast track method of construction at an affordable cost. It’s also important that housing and buildings are disaster-resistant to protect the lives and properties of people. All these concerns are involved in sustainable and inclusive development. Glass Fibre Reinforced Gypsum Load Bearing (GFRG) Panels ( also called Rapidwall Panel) provide faster construction and contribute to environmental protection, providing a solution to many of the above issues and concerns. That’s why in today’s economic condition GFRG technology is getting lots of attention and popularity in India.

What is GFRC construction?

GFRC Also known as Glass Fibre Reinforced Concrete or GRC in Britain. GFRC is popular in European countries due to its strength, weight, and design. It’s made by combining a mixture of fine sand, cement, polymer, water along with other admixtures and alkali-resistant (AR) glass fibers 

What We Offer

GFRG technology essentially replaces the use of blocks/bricks for constructing the structure the your house/building. These are nothing but prefabricated Gypsum Boards reinforced with Glass Fibres.

We Understand Requirements

GFRG technology is a powerful and affordable method to provide affordable housing to everyone.

We Work Precisely ​

Our Professional craftmanship can deliver you the best precise construction with quality, lifespan & Ecofriendly manner.

We Deliver Best Output​

The house made by GFRG technology can be as strong as a conventionally constructed house. These houses are designed to have a life of more than 100 years.

Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team Can do a Miracle for your Dream. Professional Management in all departments can make your dream succeed with less stress and Cost.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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